Meet Katrina

Katrina and her husband Joey were new to Christ Community Church three years ago when their daughter Kennedy had not yet arrived. Katrina was looking for ways to get involved. The Fall Festival organizational meeting was announced and she decided to sit in on the meeting and see what she could do to help.

“I thought I would be printing up some flyers or something,” Katrina says, smiling. “Instead, suddenly I was heading things up!”

Katrina describes herself as a natural planner and organizer. “I’m overall a Type A person, so I was excited to use some of those skills to tackle the Fall Festival.”

The biggest challenge, she says, was not being able to control the weather.

“I feel like I can plan for everything, but never control the weather!” She adds that she invested lots of prayer in a clear day.

Other challenges were more personal for her. 

“I don’t want to let the church down. I don’t want it to fail. So those are some of my own inner challenges,” she shares.

So what keeps her coming back for more?

“I think the biggest blessing is seeing the church family have the ability to serve together,” Katrina says. “This is our largest event of the year, and it takes the whole church. I see the blessing it is in the hearts of our congregation—being able to serve, seeing the kids’ joy and smiles. I feel like the Fall Festival is an event that we do that literally brings the whole church out, serving our community together.”

“The biggest blessing to the community,” Katrina continues, “—and I’ve heard it directly from our visitors—is the genuine love we can show to them. We are giving them a free, kid-friendly event with no strings attached. I hear our community saying how much they love our festival—not just because of the free food and fun, but because they can see that we want to be there serving them. When they see our hearts as servants, this points them to Jesus.”

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